Chorale from Beethoven’s Ninth - Pete Seeger (1980)

R.I.P. Pete.

Like I said when Ravi Shankar died, Pete Seeger was one of those guys that was always around and you figured he’d just live forever.

See you later, Mr. Seeger.

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One of three tracks they’re previewing over at the Smithsonian Folkways website in advance of the release of Classic Banjo, which is fixin’ to be one hell of a compilation.

Like everything that Folkways puts out, make sure you give it more than one listen!

Nouns - They Might Be Giants (2013)

Happy Nanobots Day, everyone. Now go out and buy the new TMBG!! by They Might Be Giants

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Hive Mind - They Might Be Giants (2013)

Happy Nanobots Day, everyone. Now go out and buy the new TMBG!!

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Beware of The Dog - Kevin Ayers (1973)

Kevin Ayers has died.

A major player in the psychedelic and Canterbury scenes and a co-founder of The Soft Machine, he worked with Messrs. Wyatt, Eno, Cale, Oldfield and Barrett. Aside from his many collaborations, he released a rich series of solo albums.

This track (just under 1:20) from his Bananamour album epitomizes everything that made Ayers’ solo work great: his heavy-lidded and sultry voice, his epic orchestrations, his heavy doses of humor, and his reflections on how indulgence and impairment can lead to spiritual experiences:

I said I feel really happy

Happy as can be

And I’m feeling free

She said you’re not happy

You’re just stoned!

Rest in peace, Kevin. There is loving among us, there is loving.

Prince Of The Southern Empire - Zdeněk Liška (1976)

What’s the minimum a song can be?

This definitely would count as a song, although it’s a short cue from Liška’s score to the surreal Malá Morská Víla, a 1976 retelling of The Little Mermaid. It’s a film that’s bizarre and astounding to behold. The music is no less entrancing.

Heart of the Country - Paul McCartney (2013)

New recording of an old classic, this time with added jangle and harmonica.

It’s all too brief, but were it any longer, it wouldn’t qualify as a shortsong.


Artist: The Residents
Track: Birds in the Trees
Album: The Commercial Album
Year: 1980

This song always makes me think of Duck Hunt

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Dawna - Morphine (1993)

This short, moody sax piece sets the stage for one of the most singular and fantastic records ever released.

Sandman & co. create totally unique sound, inventing a new kind of ‘low rock’ by making a power trio that had no lead guitar.

Check out Cure For Pain.

Music Box - Philip Glass (1992)

Philip Glass’ soundtrack is the only thing I’ve really investigated about the film Candyman, but I’ve heard good things otherwise….

Should I investigate it??